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Human Nutrition Research

The Human Nutrition Research program studies how to establish beef as an everyday part of a healthful diet through investigating its role in health and well-being. This includes beef’s role in improving vitality and stamina, increasing emotional and physical satisfaction as well as weight management, optimal body composition and metabolism, and beef’s positive contribution to diet quality, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, with its natural nutrients and lipids. For example, research reviews (Red Meat & Cancer), fact sheets (different types of beef in the marketplace, grass finished vs. grain-finished and understanding the lipid profile of beef) and summaries of research projects are available.

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Lean Matters -E-flip
Accurate nutrient data is the cornerstone of all nutrition research. With an increasingly dynamic food supply and dwindling resources available for research, public-private partnerships and collaborations become critically important as a means to ensure nutrient data is updated and to drive research forward. In creating a collaborative team with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nutrient Data Laboratory and several leading university researchers, the Beef Checkoff Program has been able to update nutrient data for one of America's favorite foods through the Nutrient Database Improvement (NDI) initiative. In forming this distinctive public-private partnership aimed at providing contemporary nutrient data, cattle farmers and ranchers have helped to empower consumers with the information they need to make appropraite dietary choices to comply with public health recommendations. This booklet documents the beef industry's efforts over 30-years to provide great-tasting products while continuously improving beef's lean profile.

Lean Matters PowerPoint presentation

Promoting Health Skepticism in the News:  Helping Journalists Get It Right

Statement of Principles Regarding Nutrition and Health

Development and Validation of the Nutrient-Rich Foods Index:  A Tool to Measure Nutritional Quality of Foods

Frequently Asked Questions: Beef Checkoff-Funded Database Improvement Research

Experimental Biology Meeting

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