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Product Enhancement Research

The Product Enhancement Research program includes the study of beef quality, muscle traits and characterization, carcass trait genomics, muscle tenderness and yield, flavor and palatability, and new technologies.  This has been achieved through evaluation of the impact of pre- and post-harvest factors on beef product quality.  The overall goal of this research is to improve beef quality, consistency, value and demand.

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Reference Guides
    Cook Loss by Muscle
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Evolving Consumer Needs
    Learn the story behind the development of beef's new value-added cuts   
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    Muscle Profiling

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Featured Research

1. Bovine Myology & Muscle Profiling
Muscle Profiling research was conducted with funding by The Beef Checkoff to profile the physical and chemical characteristics of 39 muscles from the underutilized chuck and round to more fully recognize their value. This project represents the most extensive study of the muscles of the chuck and round ever reported. Visit the Web site below that serves as a comprehensive resource of beef muscular anatomy for both academia and industry.

Bovine Myology & Muscle Profiling Web Site

These results have helped drive the industry’s product application and development along with a transition to single-muscle fabrication. Further information in single-muscle “value-added cuts” can be found by following the link below.

Beef Value-Added Cuts

2. Beef Cutout Calculator

The Beef Cutout Calculator is an interactive program funded by The Beef Checkoff and developed at Colorado State University to provide all interested parties an in-depth view of carcass composition and value. The Cutout Calculator can rapidly derive expected cutout yields and values and help develop cutout strategies to meet individual needs.

Interactive Beef Cutout Calculator

3. Shelf-Life
Clinck on the link below for a checkoff-funded fact sheet on shelf-life of beef under different packaging environments. In addition, click the second link below to view another shelf-life fact sheet from the American Meat Institute (AMI).

Beef Checkoff Shelf-Life Fact Sheet
AMI Shelf-Life Fact Sheet


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