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Summary of Beef Checkoff-Funded Research:  2001 – 2011

Annual Updates

Science & Product Solutions (Formerly Research, Education and Innovation) Annual Updates

Research Annual Reports provide yearly summaries of key accomplishments in checkoff-funded research. These summaries highlight the extensive beef safety, product enhancement, human nutrition, sustainability and market research conducted each year to provide a foundation for the industry’s checkoff-funded marketing, promotion and information programs.              

2012 - REI Program Update
Published January 2013
    Beef Quality Assurance Program-NBQA Timeline since 1991
    Product Enhancement Research Program-Beef Tenderness Timeline
    Beef Safety Research Program-Beef Industry Safety Summit Timeline
    Human Nutrition Research Program-Heart Health Timeline
        Nutrition Timeline Sources
    Beef Innovations Group Program-Convenient Fresh Beef Timeline
    Beef Sustainability Research Program-Sustainability Timeline

2011 - REI Program Update
Published January 2012
Driving Beef Demand Center Spread

2010 - REI Program Update
Published January 2011
Beef Value Cuts Center Spread

2009 - REI Program Update
Published January 2010

2008 - REI Annual Report
Linked Together to Strengthen Beef's Value
Published January 2009

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