Beef Checkoff Comments to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, has submitted 21 sets of public comments and hundreds of research studies to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The comments, listed below, review the science on a variety of topics ranging from beef’s role in health at every life stage, its relationship to heart health, and best scientific practices in evaluating beef-related research, including accurate meat definitions.

Comment 1: Use of existing systematic reviews in 2015 - The excluded studies list of the NEL Dietary Patterns Report confirms that 70 studies, primarily randomized controlled trial (RCT) study designs, were excluded because they did not assess dietary patterns as defined for this project.

Comment 2: Beef is a foundational food that nourishes and optimizes Americans health at every life stage.

Comment 3: Beneficial health outcomes with healthy, higher-protein dietary patterns - evidence overview and supporting citations.

Comment 4: Best practices methodology of systematic review for nutrition research.

Comment 5: Protocols for the conduct of new and the update of existing systematic reviews for the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Comment 6: Oral comments presented by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff at the July 11, 2019 DGAC meeting.

Comment 7: Best practices for discerning the contribution of specific meat types in diets and dietary patterns.

Comment 8: Fatty acids in beef and related research.

Comment 9: NESR Complementary Feeding Systematic Review confirms the importance of red meat, including beef, as a source of micronutrients for infants and toddlers.

Comment 10: Summary of role of beef as a first food for infants.

Comment 11: Growing body of evidence demonstrates a weak and diminishing association between meat and cancer risk.

Comment 12: Questions regarding the application of NESR methodology as reflected in updated protocols.

Comment 13: Growing body of evidence demonstrates the role of beef in supporting healthy pregnancies.

Comment 14: Questions regarding "new" protocols as presented at January 2020 DGAC meeting.

Comment 15: Comprehensive list of evidence from randomized controlled trials on red meat consumption and cardiovascular risk factors.

Comment 16: Consideration of best practices in the review of meat intake in observational evidence can help ensure robust and reliable dietary recommendations.

Comment 17: Request for clarification on food groups and categories used by the 2020 DGAC Data Analysis and Food Pattern Modeling Subcommittee.

Comment 18: Concerns and questions related to the assessment of evidence and recognition of evidence limitations to a sustainable food system.

Comment 19: Evidence to support the need for item clusters in food pattern modeling to distinguish fresh vs. processed meat and use of AMDRs to demonstrate multiple patterns to achieve nutrient targets.

Comment 20: Eligibility of red meat/beef randomized trials using FINAL cardiovascular disease-related protocols.

Comment 21: Reiteration of previous Beef Checkoff observations as they relate to draft conclusions posted May 26, 2020.