Beef Checkoff Funding Acknowledgement


The primary objective of checkoff funding acknowledgement is to clearly credit the cattle producers and importers whose checkoff dollars pay for the activities funded by the checkoff.


When checkoff dollars are used, whether partial or full funding, the project and all related communications must accurately identify the funding source.


To accomplish this objective and adhere to these principles, all checkoff-funded materials must, whenever possible, include both: 

  • The Beef Checkoff Logo and either  
  • The phrase "Funded by the Beef Checkoff" or "Funded in Part by the Beef Checkoff." 

Contracting Organization

  6. Published Materials

In addition to the approved beef check logo and “funded by” tag-line, websites, brochures, fact sheets, etc., may – when appropriate and preapproved – include the following: “For more information on this [SUBJECT], contact [NAME], [TITLE] for [ORGANIZATION], which contracts to manage [PROGRAM] for the Beef Checkoff Program at [EMAIL], [PHONE].”

NCBA’s Beef USA logo will be used only on those materials that are funded with non-checkoff funding sources and will not appear on beef checkoff-funded materials.

To access the complete guidelines, go to Cattlemen's Beef Board Acknowledgement Guidelines.

To access the logo style guide, go to Beef Checkoff Logo Style Guidelines.