IARC Scientific Evidence Submissions
Understanding the Evidence on Red Meat and Cancer Risk

The beef community is committed to providing a wholesome, nutritious food and to communicating accurate information about beef’s nutritional qualities and beef’s role in a healthful diet. As part of its ongoing commitment to understanding beef’s role in a balanced and healthful diet, America’s farmers and ranchers have supported extensive reviews of the existing evidence on red meat, including beef, and cancer risk.

In response to a call for data, the Beef Checkoff, on behalf of America’s farmers and ranchers – as well as scientists who conducted independent reviews – recently submitted evidence to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) for its consideration. IARC requested this information in advance of its recent meeting (October 6-13, 2015) to evaluate the evidence related to cancer and red and processed meat. Learn more about the evidence that was submitted to IARC by clicking on the links below.

The evidence submitted to IARC by the beef checkoff is available here.

The evidence submitted by an independent researcher is available here.

Use the filter to access specific references supporting the checkoff submissions here.