Beef Checkoff-funded Research Program

Mission Statement 

 Building demand and optimizing the business climate for beef through research and dissemination programs that serve as the foundation for sustaining beef industry success. 


 The Checkoff-funded research programs include Beef Safety, Human Nutrition, Product Quality, Sustainability and Market Research. The research conducted in these areas each year provides the knowledge foundation for the industry‚Äôs Checkoff-funded marketing, promotion, education and information programs. 

 Research is paramount in every decision impacting the beef industry. From ensuring that consumers have the safest beef supply possible, to providing new beef products and packaging, to building the scientific evidence proving the nutritional benefits of beef, to creating a sustainable beef product for a growing  population, to understanding consumer attitudes about beef, research is essential. 

 We are proud of the role the Beef Checkoff Program has played in the acquisition, implementation and dissemination of knowledge. The success of the research program can be attributed to countless individuals working together to benefit the industry as a whole. 

Beef Checkoff-funded Market Research

The Beef Checkoff-funded Market Research team provides insights into consumers and their relationships with beef and documents current attitudes about cattle production. Areas of focus include retail and foodservice channel usage, interest in new culinary solutions, reactions to industry communications, desires for education in regards to beef nutrition, drivers of beef demand, variations among generations, and overall lifestyle shifts. Market research insights into trends are integrated with both long-range and annual planning processes and into ongoing program development and evaluation efforts.