Beef Checkoff-funded Research Program

Mission Statement 

To be the trusted source for Checkoff-funded research on the safety, quality, nutrition, and sustainability of beef that contributes to consumer perception and demand. 


The Checkoff-funded research programs include Beef Safety, Human Nutrition, Product Quality, Sustainability and Market Research. The research conducted in these areas each year provides the knowledge foundation for the industry’s Checkoff-funded marketing, promotion, education, and information programs. 

Research is paramount in every decision impacting the beef industry. From understanding consumers purchasing behavior and attitudes about beef, to reducing safety threats at pre-harvest, to providing a product with a consistently great eating experience, to building the scientific evidence proving beef’s role in a healthful diet, to conducting research that demonstrates that beef can be raised sustainably, research is essential. 

The Beef Checkoff Program has played an integral role in the acquisition, implementation, and dissemination of knowledge. The success of the research program can be attributed to countless individuals working together to benefit the industry as a whole.