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The Beef Safety Research program includes the study of cattle-borne pathogens and/or their resistance, with the potential for causing human illness and beef production practices that may impact either. Historically, this Beef Checkoff-funded Program has focused research on every step in the production chain, evaluating potential safety-enhancing interventions. In recent years, this program has concentrated on discovering opportunities for reducing safety threats at pre-harvest.

Save the Date

Save the Date for the 20th Anniversary of the Beef Industry Safety Summit

This signature event began in 2003 as an opportunity to bring industry safety leaders and scientists together to hear the latest research results, learn about advancements in food safety monitoring and testing methodology, and to openly converse with competitors seeking solutions that will benefit the entire industry. Today, this event continues to be a hallmark event for the industry to gather in a non-competitive spirit and address beef safety challenges.

The Beef Industry Safety Summit is one that you don't want to miss! Click below to view the agenda from the 2021 Beef Industry Safety Summit.

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Consumer Perceptions and Insights on Food Safety

Consumers consider a variety of factors when choosing a meal. The Consumer Beef Tracker, a continuous online survey run by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the beef checkoff, shows taste, price, convenience, and health are more important than other aspects.1 In addition, safety is a top considered factor when making a meal decision as well. To investigate this more, NCBA, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff, sought to understand how food safety handling practices were perceived by consumers in a more general sense. As a result, consumer research was conducted that provides insight into how consumers prioritize and utilize food safety when it comes to cooking meals and meat at home. 

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