The Market Research program provides insights and perspective on a wide range of subjects around the food landscape and beef specifically. This Checkoff-funded program includes understanding consumer consumption, perceptions, concerns and exploring a variety of topics that relate to beef and the competitive protein landscape. 


  • Track and observe consumer trends on all things related to food and beef
  • Explore high priority topics to understand consumer sentiment and knowledge levels
  • Monitor Supply Chain impacts on the industry
  • Develop strategic initiatives based on consumer insights to continue to improve beef consumption and perceptions
  • Understand how campaign specific content and messaging resonates with consumers

Beef Industry Review & Consumer Insights

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Consumer Insights

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Consumer Demand Drivers Summary

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Beef Chili Carnivale

Ground Beef Performance: Sales Trends By Leanness, Form, and Primal 

Nearly every consumer has been impacted by the volatility of goods and services during 2022. As consumers have grappled with these changing market dynamics, shifting preferences have emphasized versatility, affordability, and convenience. These shifts can be observed within the beef retail market, as purchases have gravitated towards ground beef products and away from more premium cuts, such as steaks and roasts.

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Rustic retro gifts, present boxes on glitter background. Christmas time 2

Will Inflation Steal Christmas? 

The 2022 holiday shopping season is fast approaching. As temperatures begin to drop, demand for virtually every good normally starts to heat up. However, current economic uncertainty and volatile retail prices have hamstrung household budgets, left consumers feeling frustrated, and retailers feeling uneasy.

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Tenderloin Steak in Cast Iron Pan

Are Consumers Still Satisfied with Steak? 

Beef steak has historically been a popular cut among beef consumers, both at retail and foodservice. As various economic forces continue to affect consumer preferences, beef steak continues to remain a popular protein source due to the consistently enjoyable experience this cut provides, both at home and at a restaurant. 

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