The Market Research program provides insights and perspective on a wide range of subjects around the food landscape and beef specifically. This Checkoff-funded program includes understanding consumer consumption, perceptions, concerns and exploring a variety of topics that relate to beef and the competitive protein landscape. 


  • Track and observe consumer trends on all things related to food and beef
  • Explore high priority topics to understand consumer sentiment and knowledge levels
  • Monitor Supply Chain impacts on the industry
  • Develop strategic initiatives based on consumer insights to continue to improve beef consumption and perceptions
  • Understand how campaign specific content and messaging resonates with consumers


What Parents Think About Introducing Beef as a First Food

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Consumer Perceptions of Cattle Production

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Consumer Perceptions and Insights on Food Safety

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State of the Consumer - Fall 2020

Download this overview for a snapshot of how domestic consumers have responded to the unprecedented events of 2020 as well as a long-term outlook. What was the impact on the food space? How did it impact consumer media habits? What about beef?

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