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beefgrants Online Grant Portal

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, has moved to an online portal, BeefGrants, for managing the grants process and to facilitate the submission and review of grant materials. All reviewers will need to log in or set up an account to submit their review(s). 

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Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewers will rate each category according to the following scale:

4.0 - 5.00 = Fundable as is. 

2.5 - 3.99 = Fundable with revision and/or clarification. 

1.0 - 2.49 = Not fundable.

The general categories to be considered are:

  • Hypothesis and Objectives
  • Background, Rationale
  • Experimental design
  • Budget and timeline
  • Resources

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are found at the very bottom of the application summary tab and are marked “supporting documents (optional)”.  “Optional” refers to the fact that principal investigators are not required to attach supporting documents, although most typically do. Please be sure and open and review any attachments found in this section as they provide review relevant information such as experimental design details, detailed methodologies, budget explanations and reference lists.