Project Summary

Tenderness CCP’s Data Analysis and Product Handling

Principle Investigator(s):
N.C. Tipton and J.W. Savell
Texas A&M University
Completion Date:
July 1998
Layman’s Summary 

A study was undertaken to evaluate consumer evaluations of beef strip, top butt, shoulder and top round steaks. Consumers were given steaks from five different treatments including: guaranteed tender choice, guaranteed tender select, source verified, an enhanced tender and juicy product and a control. They were asked to rate the overall desirability, tenderness, juiciness and flavor and also to evaluate the degree of doneness for the steaks they prepared. All treatments except controls were subjected to high voltage electrical stimulation. 

Steaks cuts were preferred in the following order; strip, top butt, shoulder and top round. Guaranteed tender products, regardless of USDA quality grade, showed definite consumer preferences compared to the other treatments. Steak cuts were also preferred more when cooked to a lower degree of doneness. 

The attributes of flavor and tenderness were most important in the consumer’s overall likeness score.