Project Summary

Characterization of Denuded Beef Muscles Used for Value-Added Products

Principle Investigator(s):
Chris R. Calkins
University of Nebraska
Completion Date:
July 2002
Layman’s Summary 

Scientists at the University of Nebraska have extended their muscle profiling research by characterizing seven raw materials commonly used for value-added products. This new research is unique in that the muscles were denuded of all external fat and connective tissue, a condition commonly needed for value-added products. Samples from the inside skirt, outside skirt, ball tip, tri-tip, culotte, bottom sirloin butt flap, and rib lifter meat were obtained from several suppliers. Characterization included weight, dimensions, pH, water holding capacity, color and color pigments, composition (including fat, moisture, and ash), and tenderness (shear force from moist and dry-heat cooked meat). These data will be useful as meat processors seek to identify optimal uses for beef muscles in new value-added products.