Project Summary

Identification of Cattle Production/Management Practices to Minimize Variation in Beef Tenderness

Principle Investigator(s):
J. D. Tatum, Ph.D.
Colorado State University
Completion Date:
May 2003
Summary of Project

A comprehensive review of the literature concerning effects of beef production practices on product tenderness was conducted to serve as a basis for development of industry recommendations for pre-harvest management of market cattle to enhance beef tenderness. Based on this review, a “white paper” was developed to summarize the current state-of-knowledge with respect to pre-harvest management of beef tenderness. Major topics discussed include:

  • Fundamental sources of variation in beef tenderness
  • Pre-harvest nutritional management and dietary effects
  • Effects of hormonal implants and other growth modifiers
  • Genetic inputs and their effects on beef tenderness
  • Pre-harvest stress, cattle temperament, and beef tenderness
  • Sex effects on tenderness
  • Effects of morbidity and intramuscular injections on tenderness

In addition, the importance of the industry’s efforts to improve beef tenderness and a TQM approach to beef grading are briefly discussed. Click the download button above to view the Executive Summary.